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Canadian Forces Recruiting

Thousands of Canadian Forces Jobs in Nearly All Careers


The Canadian Forces are actively looking for thousands of recruits in over 100 careers and they're making it easier to join. The Canadian Forces offer recruiting allowances and bonuses to target groups, they've streamlined their recruiting procedures, and you can now apply online.

Careers in the Canadian Forces

To help potential recruits identify appropriate careers, the Canadian Forces have improved their online information, which includes:

  • Browse Jobs - this feature lets you match your interests and qualifications with available careers in the Canadian Forces

  • Paid Education - find out how to get your university or college tuition subsidized through the Regular Force Officer Training Plan (ROTP), the Non-Commissioned Member Subsidized Education Plan (NCM SEP) or the Reserve Entry Training Plan (RETP).

  • Pay and Benefits - details on wages and benefits, including vacation, medical and dental care, pension, continuing education subsidies and sports and fitness facilities.

Canadian Forces Recruiting Process

The Canadian Forces have a number of online guides to help applicants through the recruiting process. These guides describe each step of the Canadian Forces recruiting process and also give useful strategies and tips so you can be fully prepared before you apply.

Canadian Forces Application Forms

You can apply to the Canadian Forces using the Canadian Forces Online Application.

If you'd prefer, you can print the application forms in PDF

Complete the forms and either mail them or take them to your local Canadian Forces recruiting office.

Be sure to thoroughly read the Canadian Forces step-by-step information on How to Join the Canadian Forces before you submit your application.

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