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Give from the Heart

Canadian Charities and Non-Profit Organizations


Food Bank Donations

Food Bank Donations

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Updated: 11/28/13

If you're in a giving mood but not sure where to start, take a few minutes to look at the many nonprofit organizations and charities in Canada which could do with a bit of your time or cash to help those who really need it.

Here are some good places to find Canadian charities and causes that strike a chord in your heart.

Charity Village

One of the nice things about Charity Village is that is has Canada-wide volunteer opportunities, which you can sort by postal code or by region. They aren't always the volunteer roles you'd expect, either. You might find requests for a woodworking volunteer, casino hall help, festival organizers, a wildlife researcher, gift wrappers, or museum curatorial assistance. Many, many more people with a bit of time to give are always needed.

Charity Village also has a well-organized directory of charities and non-profit organizations.

Volunteer Canada

Volunteer Canada is the national umbrella organization of volunteer centres and bureaus in Canada. You can easily locate the volunteer centre nearest to you, and if you need a little push, read about volunteering.


If you still haven't found a group that appeals to you, there are hundreds of Canadian non-profit organizations listed on idealist.org. Just select "Volunteer Opportunities" and enter your skills and location in the Search boxes at the top of the page to find opportunities with Canadian non-profit organizations.

Christmas Seals

For a traditional Canadian way of giving at Christmas, the Canadian Lung Association has adapted their Christmas Seals campaign to the Internet. You can make a donation online to help make sure that medical research into the causes and cures for lung disease continues in Canada. You can also send a Christmas Seal e-card.

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