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The Canadian Federal Government

Organization of the Federal Government of Canada


Canadian Federal Government Organization Chart

A simple way to understand how the Canadian parliamentary system of government is organized is to take a look at its Organization Chart.

Canadian Federal Government Institutions

For more in-depth information, the Federal Government Organization category covers the major Canadian government institutions - the monarchy, governor general, federal courts, the prime minister, parliament, government departments and agencies.

A quick way to find your way around the thousands of pages of information put out by the Canadian government is to use the Canada Online Subject Index to federal government departments and agencies. Once you find the relevant department, most government sites have a search function that will guide you from there.

Canadian Federal Government Employees

Another valuable piece of information on the Web is the Canadian federal government telephone directory. You can search for individual federal government employees, by department if you like, and it also provides useful inquiry numbers, as well as organization information.

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