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10 Ways to Kick-Start the New Year!

Canadian Resources for Your New Year's Resolutions


New Year's Resolution to Exercise

New Year's Resolution to Exercise

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Updated: 12/25/13

Do you have trouble sticking to your New Year's Resolutions? Do you have a hard time even thinking of a New Year's Resolution? Here are some resources for Canadians to help you change old habits and develop some new areas in your life.

Out With the Old


  • Exercise Your Brain
    Dave Fisher, About.com Puzzles, offers all sorts of free puzzles to clear the cobwebs, keep your brain active, and provide hours of relaxation and entertainment. The Four Rivers strategy puzzle is a good place to start!

  • Develop Your University Study Skills
    Major Canadian universities offer tips on writing essays, efficient reading, attending lectures, taking notes and exams, and managing your time.

  • Quit Smoking
    It's time to check out the benefits of quitting smoking and programs to help you stop. Terry Martin, About.com Smoking Cessation, has 12 Tips to Stop Smoking for New Year's to help you make it permanent this time.

  • Organize Your Home Office
    Start by doing some things to get your home office organized right now, and then move on to a 12-step plan to get your work space more functional. From Susan Ward, About.com Small Business: Canada.

  • De-clutter Your House
    Clean out your closets and donate old clothes and unused possessions to charity. Many malls have drop boxes for old clothes, and the Canadian Diabetes Association will come right to your door to pick them up.


In With the New


  • Try the Trans Canada Trail
    Eighty percent of Canadians can now reach this multi-use, year-round recreational trail in less than half an hour. Hike, cross-country ski, snowshoe, take your class on a eco-tour, or just go for a walk at lunch.

  • Enjoy the Canadian Winter
    Jane McLean, About.com Canada Travel, has some great ideas for getting the most out of the Canadian winter.

  • Save Gas and Money
    Save gas and money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time with these energy conservation tips.

  • Explore Canada's Parks
    Take the opportunity to find relaxation, recreation and reflection in Canada's system of national and provincial parks.

  • Learn Chinese Cooking
    Try a whole new way of cooking. Rhonda Parkinson, About.com Chinese Food, has basic tips and techniques to introduce you to the world of Chinese cuisine.


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