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How To Become a House of Commons Page


Each year about 40 Canadian first-year university and CEGEP students learn about Canada's parliamentary system by working as pages in the House of Commons in Ottawa.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: 10 months

Here's How:

  1. At the beginning of your final year of high school, see your school guidance counselor and ask for an application for the House of Commons Page Program.
  2. Be able to understand, speak and write English and French fluently.
  3. Have an academic average of 80 percent - the higher the better.
  4. Have a demonstrated interest in the parliamentary system of government.
  5. Get accepted at one of the universities in the National Capital Region, which you will attend for the year you work part-time as a page.
  6. Submit the page application by the deadline, which is usually in late November or early December.
  7. Attend an interview scheduled between mid-February and the end of March. Interviews are held in Ottawa and in provincial and territory capital cities.
  8. If accepted, sign a one-year term contract with the House of Commons, beginning in mid-August.
  9. In mid-August, begin an orientation program in Ottawa.


  1. Because of the heavy university course load, science, engineering, and law students are not eligible. However, you could switch to another program for the year you are a page.
  2. Be sure you know who your local member of parliament is, and if possible see if you can meet with him or her before you apply. You might get some good advice!

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