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Canadian Music Centre Online

Easy Access to Canadian Classical Music


The Canadian Music Centre is reaching out to a broader audience with online services and information on Canadian classical music.

For decades the Canadian Music Centre has been a good source of information on Canadian classical music and composers, but it's only been accessible at five music libraries across Canada. The Canadian Music Centre has reorganized its holdings and put their database online so the general public has better access to their services.

Canadian Music Centre Services

The Canadian Music Centre is a non-profit organization funded by all three levels of government in Canada as well as by foundations and individual donors. The services provided by the Canadian Music Centre include

  • operating a lending library of over 15,000 scores and/or works of contemporary Canadian classical music composers, free of charge.
  • selling unpublished scores of its associate composers. The prices range from under $10.00 to over $125. You can search for scores and order them online. The Canadian Music Centre also has about 700 CDs and related books for sale.
  • renting unpublished orchestral and band works to professional and amateur groups

    Canadian Music Centre Digital Library

    The digital library of the Canadian Music Centre contains thousands of Canadian classical music scores, and they are searchable by composer name, title or keyword. For example, enter "winter" as a keyword, and you'll get more than 80 results. For each entry, you'll find the composer's biography which links to other works by the same composer, and CDs available for purchase. Many of the entries have digitized samples in MP3 and additional notes.

    Overview of Canadian Classical Music

    For those new to Canadian classical music, the Canadian Music Centre Sound Progression is an excellent introduction to 20th century Canadian composition. It presents 11 classical music styles, gives a description of each, examples of Canadian works in that style, audio and score samples and composer biographies, and puts it all in context with a list of other events during the period.

    The Canadian Music Centre is a wonderful tool for serious music lovers, and an easy way for newcomers to explore Canadian classical music.

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