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My Account Tax Service

Access Your Personal Income Tax Information Online


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Updated: 02/20/2014

What is the My Account Tax Service?

My Account is a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) service which provides you with secure access to your personal income tax information online. The My Account hours of service are 21 hours a day.

A limited amount of this information is also available from the Quick Access Income Tax Service.

Tax Information Available on My Account

The My Account tax service lets you see information on


You can also do things on My Account

  • change your return
  • change personal information such as address, phone number or marital status
  • authorize a representative
  • apply for child benefits
  • arrange direct deposit
  • request remittance forms
  • set up a payment plan
  • disagree with your assessment
  • submit documents


Logging in to Use the My Account Service

When you go to the My Account site you will be given a choice between logging in with a CRA User ID and password, or by using credentials you may already have with a Sign-in Partner, such as those you use for on-line banking. When you use a Sign-in Partner, none of your personal tax information is shared with your financial institution and the name of your financial institution, log-in credentials and banking details are not shared with the CRA.

Using a CRA User ID and Password

To use a CRA User ID and password, you must first register for the CRA My Account service. Be sure the CRA has your current address before you register. There are several ways to change your address with the CRA.

Read the CRA instructions on how to register carefully before registering for My Account. It's a four-step process. You'll need your last two income tax returns, your Social Insurance Number, your date of birth and postal code or ZIP code. Be ready to create a User ID and password using CRA checklists, and also be ready to create and answer security questions. You'll also have to wait for at least five business days (15 business days outside Canada and the United States) to receive a CRA security code in the mail. The security code has an expiry date, so be sure to follow the instructions in the letter you receive with the code.

You will need the CRA security code to use the My Account Service for the first time. After that you will be able to log into the My Account service using just your User ID and password.

Using a Sign-in Partner

To use a Sign-in Partner to access the My Account Tax Service, first read the Using a Sign-in Partner FAQ. Then select "Sign-in Partner Login" on My Account to choose a Sign-in Partner. By choosing a Sign-in Partner you will be agreeing with the terms and conditions and privacy notice of SecureKey Concierge.

Computer Requirements for My Account Tax Service

Check that your operating system and browser configurations and settings meet the requirements to use My Account.

Help with My Account Tax Service

If you require help using the My Account service, call the CRA e-service Helpdesk.

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