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Changing Your Postal Address Online

Changing Your Mailing Address When You Move in Canada


When you move, you can change your mailing address online using the Change of Address tool from Canada Post. The process is simple, and the fee is the same as you pay when you go to a postal outlet to fill in a form. You can make a permanent address change, which will redirect your mail for six months, or a temporary address change if you're going on an extended vacation or wintering down south. The tool also allows you to select whether to have businesses informed of the address change or not.

Requirements for Change of Address Online Service

To use the change of address online service, you need

  • Your current address, including the postal code. You must be able to receive mail at that address for at least 10 days after your change of address request.

  • Your new address, including the postal code

  • A valid credit card - VISA, MasterCard or American Express

  • A secure browser with 128-bit encryption. If you already use online banking, it's likely you have a compliant browser.

  • A valid email address to receive confirmation of your change of address service request, on-line Reference Number and sign-in instructions

  • You must be authorized to act on behalf of the individuals or businesses listed on your request.

You will receive confirmation of your change of address request by both email and letter.

Restrictions to Change of Address Online Service

The online service for change of address is not available in some instances, for example

  • to make a request on behalf of a deceased person

  • to make a request as a guardian or trustee

  • for a school or military installation.

If restrictions apply to your situation, you can still go to your local postal outlet and fill in a form to redirect your mail the usual way.

Getting Help

If you need help or have questions about the change of address online service, fill in the Canada Post customer service inquiry form.

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