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How To Redirect Your Mail in Canada


If you are moving, be sure to arrange for your mail to be redirected, so you don't miss anything important. These instructions are for having your postal address changed at the Post Office. You can also use the Change of Address Online Service to have your mail redirected.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 1 hour

Here's How:

  1. At least two weeks before your move, go to any postal outlet in Canada and complete a Redirection of Mail Service form.
  2. Pay the appropriate fee.
  3. The form will be sent to the postal supervisor for your old address.
  4. Ask for Change of Address cards.
  5. Complete and send Change of Address cards to all your regular correspondents, including your bank, credit card companies, and other companies with which you regularly do business.
  6. If you still want your mail redirected after six months, go to a postal outlet and renew the service before the six months is up. Pay the current fee.


  1. Mail can be redirected to any other address in Canada, in the United States, and to many international addresses.
  2. For security reasons, you'll need to show two pieces of identification, preferably photo ID.

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