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Prime Minister Alexander Mackenzie


Alexander Mackenzie, Prime Minister of Canada

Alexander Mackenzie, Prime Minister of Canada

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About Alexander Mackenzie:

Alexander Mackenzie was the first Liberal prime minister of Canada. A severe economic depression was a major problem for Alexander Mackenzie, but his government implemented some major reforms, including:

Prime Minister of Canada:



January 28, 1822 in Logierait, Perthshire, Scotland. Alexander Mackenzie came to Canada in 1842, living first in Kingston and then in Sarnia, Ontario.


April 17, 1892 in Toronto, Ontario


  • Stonemason
  • Contractor
  • Editor of the "Lambton Shield" in Lambton, Ontario
  • Major, 27th Lambton Battalion Volunteer Infantry 1866-74

Political Affiliation:

Provincial Ridings (Electoral Districts):

  • Lambton (Province of Canada) - 1861-67
  • Middlesex West (Legislative Assembly of Ontario) - 1871-72

Federal Ridings (Electoral Districts):

  • Lambton - 1867-82
  • York East - 1882-92

Political Career of Alexander Mackenzie:

  • Alexander Mackenzie was first elected as a member of the Reform Party - a forerunner of the Liberal Party - to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada in 1861.

  • He was elected as a Liberal to the House of Commons in 1867.

  • Alexander Mackenzie was also elected and sat in the Ontario Legislative Assembly from 1871-72, when dual representation was abolished.

  • He was elected Leader of the federal Liberal Party and was sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada in 1873.

  • Alexander Mackenzie also served as Minister of Public Works.

  • The Liberals were defeated by Sir John A. Macdonald and the Conservatives in 1878.

  • Alexander Mackenzie was Leader of the Opposition from 1878 to 1880.

  • In 1880 Alexander Mackenzie resigned as leader of the Liberal Party.

  • He remained a member of parliament until he died in 1892.

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