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Quick Facts About the Province of Quebec


Forillon National Park, Quebec

Forillon National Park, Quebec

Courtesy of the Canadian Tourism Commission

Updated: 04/08/2014

About the Province of Quebec:

Quebec is the largest Canadian province in area, and the second largest in population. Quebec is a mainly French-speaking society, and the defence of its language and culture colours all politics in the province.

Location of the Province of Quebec:

Area of Quebec:

1,356,547.02 sq. km (523,765.73 sq. miles) (Statistics Canada, 2011 Census)

Population of Quebec:

7,903,001 (Statistics Canada, 2011 Census)

Capital City of Quebec:

Quebec City, Quebec

Date Quebec Entered Confederation:

July 1, 1867

Government of Quebec:

Liberal Party of Quebec

Last Quebec Provincial Election:

April 7, 2014

Premier-designate of Quebec

Philippe Couillard

Main Quebec Industries:

Agriculture, manufacturing, energy, mining, forestry, transportation


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