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Canadian Business Statistics

Canadian Business, Economic, Financial, Labour and Industry Statistics


Whether you're working on the business plan, doing market research or job hunting, the Canadian federal government is a good place to find the Canadian business statistics you need. Here are some Canadian federal government sources for useful Canadian business statistics.

Canadian Economic Statistics

If you're negotiating a raise, make sure you've checked the latest Canadian Consumer Price Index. You'll get the latest month's index, how it compares with the annual rate, the changes in comparison to the same month last year, and what events are driving it. Other recent Canadian economic indicators are available from Canadian Economy Online, a one-stop site on the national economy from the Canadian federal government.

Canadian Financial Statistics

A good source of quick financial statistics is the Bank of Canada. You can easily get the

The Bank of Canada publication "Weekly Financial Statistics" is updated every Friday afternoon and is available in PDF.

Canadian Labour Market Statistics

The latest from Statistics Canada's Labour Force Survey gives an indication of labour force trends in Canada - who is winning, who is losing and which Canadian business sectors are experiencing growth. It might help you fine-tune your targets if you're job-hunting.

Canadian Industry Statistics

Industry Canada provides detailed statistics on Canadian industries, for both goods-producing industries and services-producing industries. Industry statistics include establishments, GDP, labour productivity, capital investment and international trade.

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