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Travel Safety for Canadians

Travel Safety and Health Resources for Canadians Traveling Abroad


The best way to have a safe trip when you're traveling to unfamiliar places is to do your research first. Canadian government resources can help with your travel planning.

Check the Safety of Your Travel Destination

Before you decide on a travel destination, it's a good idea to check the Travel Reports page from Foreign Affairs Canada. The Travel Reports list lets you look up travel conditions in more than 180 countries around the world. The travel information reports for individual countries cover general conditions, such as crime levels, and types of crime, regulations, information on the local Canadian embassy and emergency assistance, health conditions and entry requirements.

Where appropriate the Travel Reports include Travel Warnings highlighting conditions in countries the department considers unsafe for Canadians.

You'll also be able to read information on current issues of interest to Canadians living or traveling abroad, including upcoming elections, natural disasters and avian influenza.

Travel Health Safety

The Public Health Agency of Canada provides health information for Canadian travelers. The Well on Your Way travel booklet is a good starting point to develop the questions you should ask your doctor before you travel, and includes information on immunizations. For more specific information, check with one of the travel medicine clinics across Canada.

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