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Snowboard at the Olympics

Snowboard at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics


Olympics Mens Snowboard Halfpipe

Olympics Mens Snowboard Halfpipe

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Snowboard at the Winter Olympics

Snowboard is a combination of surfing, skating and skiing. Snowboard became part of the Olympics at the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998 in Japan with the halfpipe and individual giant slalom. The individual giant slalom was replaced by the parallel giant slalom at the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002. Snowboard cross was added as an event at the Turin Olympics in 2006.

How Snowboard at the Olympics Works

There are six snowboard events at Vancouver Olympics 2010, three each for the men and ladies: snowboard cross, halfpipe and parallel giant slalom.

Snowboard Cross - Four snowboarders start at the same time racing over a rolling course with jumps and ramps. The fastest two from each heat move on the next round, until there is an eventual winner.

Halfpipe - One snowboarder at time performs in this event which takes place inside a half-cylinder-shaped course dug deep in the hill. The snowboarders build up speed as they go down the slope. As they come over the rim of the pipe they perform acrobatic jumps, twists and tricks. The competitors are judged on the height and form or their tricks.

Parallel Giant Slalom - Two snowboard racers compete at a time turning through a series of gates on side-by-side courses. The fastest goes on to the next round. Top finishers compete in a total of nine runs.

Snowboard Venue at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

All snowboard events at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are held at Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver, BC. The stadium for the snowboard events can hold about 12,000.

Snowboard Schedule at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

The snowboard schedule begins on Monday February 15 with the men's snowboard cross and ends on Saturday February 27 with the men's parallel giant slalom medal session. For more details on the 2010 Olympics snowboard schedule see:

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