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Canadian Agriculture

Get an overview of Canadian agriculture, food and farming, and access Web portals and government departments dealing with Canadian agriculture.
  1. Federal Agriculture Orgs (12)
  2. Prov Agriculture Depts (10)

Canadian Farms Get Bigger
While the number of farms operating in Canada continues to decline, they are producing more, according to the 2001 Canadian Census of Agriculture.

Canada Takes Foot and Mouth Disease Precautions
An outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Canada could cause losses of billions of dollars to the Canadian agriculture industry.

Agri-Food Trade Service
Agriculture market information, trade statistics, Canadian suppliers and world trade news. From Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Federal Acts and Regulations on Agriculture
A brief summary of the acts and regulations in the federal Agriculture and Agri-food portfolio, with links to the full text and further information on each.

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