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Air Travel in Canada

Check on airport and airline security rules in Canada, as well as general air travel tips. You can also find out what to do if you have a complaint about your air travel in Canada.

CTA Orders Cash for Bumped Air Passengers
CTA orders Air Canada and Porter Airlines to compensate passengers with cash for delays.

CTA Decisions Give More Rights to Canadian Air Passengers
Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) decisions give passengers on Canadian airlines choices when their flights are delayed, overbooked or cancelled.

Getting Ready to Fly in Canada
Before you head to the airport, find out about screening of both you and your baggage, and other useful tips to make your trip less stressful.

Air Travel Complaints in Canada
The Canadian Transportation Agency mediates consumer complaints about flying in Canada.

Air Canada Raises Rates on Checked Baggage
Beginning October 11, 2011 Air Canada adds a fee for the first checked bag, and increases the fee for the seond, on economy flights to the United States.

Air Canada Adds Charges for Second Bag
Starting with flights in January 2011, Air Canada economy passengers will pay an extra $20 to check a second bag on flights inside Canada and those to the Caribbean, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Face and Photo ID Must Match at the Boarding Gate
Transport Canada has sent a security notice to airlines reminding them that they must check the "entire face" of airline passengers against their photo ID before letting them fly.

Air Canada Charges for Legroom
Air Canada introduces extra charges to economy class passengers for seats in exit rows and bulkhead seats at the front of aircraft sections which provide some extra legroom.

Canadian No-Fly List
Canada implements a no-fly list and identity screening regulations to strengthen air passenger security on domestic and international commercial flights.

Save on Airport Parking
Useful suggestions to cut down on the expense of airport parking. From Mark Kahler, About.com Budget Travel.

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