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Air Travel Complaints in Canada


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The Canadian Transportation Agency Handles Air Travel Complaints
Air Canada Plane

Air Canada Plane

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Updated: 05/29/2014

The Canadian Transportation Agency

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) is the federal government regulator of the transportation industry in Canada and is responsible for the administration of the Canada Transportation Act. One of the functions of the Canadian Transportation Agency is handling air travel complaints and monitoring air fares.

Handling Consumer Air Travel Complaints

The CTA handles and tries to resolve complaints from the flying public on issues such as :

  • tickets and reservations

  • terms and conditions of carriage - lost luggage and being bumped from a flight for example

  • air fares and cargo rates on routes served by only one carrier and its affiliates

  • frequent-flyer programs.

Other complaints, such as accessible transportation or problems in an airport terminal, are handled by different agencies in Canada.

Monitoring the Canadian Airline Industry

As well as resolving complaints from the public, the CTA monitors passenger air fares and cargo rates on routes in Canada that are only served by one carrier. The CTA may order a fare reduced or money refunded to a person who has been overcharged if that is practical. If it found an airline offering a discount fare on a route with competition, and not for a single carrier route, it could order the discount fare to be applied to the monopoly route also.

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