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Bilingualism in Canada

Canada has two official languages - English and French. Find out what that means for living and working in Canada and the policies and politics involved, and access useful resources for learning and improving your English and French language skills.

Statistics of Languages in Canada
Canada is increasingly becoming a multilingual society according to language statistics from the 2001 Census of Canada.

Plan to Boost Bilingualism in Canada
The federal government renews its commitment to two official languages with an action plan and $750 million in funding.

Canadian Government Bilingualism Blasted
Canada's Commissioner of Official Languages slams the federal government for its lack of leadership and commitment on bilingualism.

Canadian Bilingualism Glossary
Definitions of terms related to bilingualism and official languages in Canada.

Graham Fraser - Commissioner of Official Languages
A journalist and author, Graham Fraser has become a strong voice for language policy in Canada.

Role of Commissioner of Official Languages
The duties and responsibilities of the Commissioner of Official Languages in Canada.

English as a Second Language
Kenneth Beare, About.com English as a Second Language, has an international scope, and can help you improve your English language skills.

French Language
If you want to learn French, or improve your French, Laura Lawless, About.com French Language, has the resources to help.

Learning French Online
The Quebec Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles has online tools to let you test your current level of French and improve your level of French knowledge.

Official Languages Act - Summary
Brief summary of the act dealing with bilingualism in Canada and a link to the full text of the act. From the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages.

Official Languages Act
The law dealing with English and French as official languages in Canada, and their use by the federal government of Canada. From the Department of Justice Canada.

Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages
Official site of the federal government organization responsible for ensuring recognition of English and French as Canada's two official languages, and compliance with the Official Languages Act.

History of Bilingualism in Canada
This timeline describes the evolution of language policies in Canada since Canadian Confederation. From Canadian Heritage.

Translation Bureau
This organization is key in providing public servants with translation, interpretation, terminology, and training services and products.

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