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Canadian Space Program

Explore the Canadian space program, with information on Canadian astronauts, space missions, the benefits to Canadians, and space science and technology.
  1. Canadian Astronauts (57)

Searching for Signs of Life on Mars
Canada is helping in the search for signs of life on Mars with the development of a new scientific tool.

25 Years Since Canadians Went Into Space
October 2009 marked 25 years since marked 25 years since Marc Garneau became the first Canadian to blast off into space. A lot has happened since then.

Two Canadians in Space
On her second mission to the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Julie Payette joins Bob Thirsk, who is on a long-term stay on the space station.

Dave Williams Sets Canadian Records in Space
Canadian astronaut Dave Williams sets the Canadian record for space walks and time outside in space.

Canadarm2 at Work
Canadarm2, the space robotics arm on the International Space Station, is a major part of the Canadian space robotics system.

A Canadian Space Walk
Chris Hadfield becomes the first Canadian to walk in space when he delivers the second-generation Canadarm to the International Space Station.

A Canadian Base in Space
The Canadian Mobile Base System provides a movable work platform and storage facility for astronauts working on the International Space Station.

Marc Garneau - Third Space Mission
Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau, on his third space mission, uses an advanced version of the Canadarm robotic arm to install solar panels on the International Space Station.

Humble Canadian Space Telescope
The Humble Canadian space telescope, the world's smallest space telescope, measures the composition and age of stars.

Chris Hadfield to Command International Space Station
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield goes into space for the third time in 2012, and this time he'll be Commander of the International Space Station (ISS).

Canadian Space Photos and Videos
Searchable collection of photos and videos of Canadian astronauts, space missions, satellites and space technologies. From the Canadian Space Agency.

Benefits of the Canadian Space Program
The Canadian Space Agency explains why Canada puts money into the Canadian Space Program.

International Space Station
Canada's contributions to the International Space Station (ISS), with some quick facts and information on the solar panels that power the station. From the Canadian Space Agency.

Canada and the International Space Station (ISS)
A suite of robotics, Caandian astronauts living in space and a Canadian commander of the ISS.

Space Science
Information on astronomy, physical and life sciences and the atmosphere, including intereviews, space stories and Canadian space history. From the Canadian Space Agency.

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