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Canadian Symbols and Emblems

Learn about the symbols and emblems that represent Canada and her provinces and territories, including the Canadian flag, coat of arms, motto, colours and music.
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The National Flag of Canada
The red and white maple leaf flag is a strong emblem for Canada, but it took nearly a century before Canada raised its own national flag for the first time.

How Canada Got Its Name
The name Canada was first used by Jacques Cartier in 1535. It wasn't the only name considered by the Fathers of Confederation in 1867 though.

Order of Canada
This honour is given to deserving Canadians for lifetime achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation.

Arms of Canada
The significance of each of the elements of the Arms of Canada. From Canada's Heritage Department.

The history and art of heraldry in Canada today. From the Governor General of Canada.

Applying for a Coat of Arms
A coat of arms may be granted in recognition of service to Canada. The Governor General's site describes how to apply. Development costs can run from $2400 to well over $5000.

The beaver's role in Canadian history, and why it became "a symbol of the sovereignty of Canada." From Canada's Heritage Department.

Canadian Geographical Names
An online reference service on more than 500,000 geographical names in Canada. From Natural Resources Canada.

Motto of Canada - "A Mari usque ad Mare"
The derivation of the official motto of Canada. From the Canadian Encyclopedia.

National Colours of Canada
The national colours of Canada are red and white. Canada's Heritage Department explains why.

Great Seal of Canada
The seal used on official government documents. A new seal is struck at the beginning of the reign of a new monarch. From Canada's Heritage Department.

Maple Leaf
A little background on how the maple leaf became a Canadian symbol. From Canada's Heritage Department.

Maple Tree
The role of maple trees in the development of Canada. From Canadian Heritage.

Canadian National Anthem "O Canada"
Lyrics, history, audio and sheet music for "O Canada," the official national anthem of Canada. From the Canadian Heritage Department.

Royal Anthem "God Save the Queen"
History and protocol, as well as lyrics and audio for "God Save the Queen." From the Canadian federal government Heritage Department.

RCMP Musical Ride
Traditional cavalry drill movements link today's RCMP Musical Ride to the early days of the North West Mounted Police in Canada.

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