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Canada and World War I

In World War I, more than 66,000 Canadians lost their lives, over 170,000 were wounded, and the young nation of Canada was changed profoundly.
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Canadian World War I Posters Gallery
Pictures of Canadian war posters from World War I.

Halifax Explosion
A collision in Halifax Harbour in World War I resulted in an explosion, tsunami and fires that killed 1900 people, injured 9000 and wiped out many thousands of homes and businesses.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
A young soldier who died near Vimy Ridge in World War I is buried in a tomb in front of the National War Memorial and represents all Canadian service people who have no known grave.

Sir Robert Borden
Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden had to reorganize Canada to fight in World War I. He fought for recognition and support from Britain for Canadian soldiers, and ensured that Canada was independently represented at the Paris Peace Conference.

Lord Byng
Before becoming Governor General of Canada, Lord Byng was well known to Canadians as the commander who led the Canadian Corps to Victory at Vimy Ridge.

Sir Arthur Currie
A meticulous planner, Currie was an excellent corps commander and led the Canadian Corps through a string of victories in 1917-18.

John McCrae
Biography of John McCrae, the Canadian doctor and soldier best known for his poem "In Flanders Fields."

Georges Vanier
Georges Vanier was a Canadian war hero and diplomat and the first French-Canadian Governor General of Canada.

Veterans Week - A Week to Remember
Spend some time reading and listening to personal stories in diaries, letters and interviews of Canadians who fought in World War I.

Remembrance Day in Canada
Resources to help remember and honour Canada's war dead.

Canada and the First World War - Library and Archives Canada
Journals, documents and photos tell the stories of Canadians who took part in World War I. An online exhibit from Library and Archives Canada.

Canada and the First World War - Veterans Affairs Canada
A good overview of Canada's involvement in World War I.

World War I - Canadian Military Heritage Project
Detailed information on the role of Canada in World War I, including statistics, equipment and uniforms.

Canadian War Medals (1866 to 1918)
Includes descriptions and pictures of Canadian medals from World War I, the reasons they were awarded, and how they should be mounted and worn. From Veterans Affairs Canada.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Search the database to find the final resting place or memorial for Canadians and Newfoundlanders killed in World War I and II. From Veterans Affairs Canada.

Newfoundland and the Great War
Newfoundland in World War I, with photos, music and short video clips, and bibliography. A Canada Digital Collection.

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