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Canada and World War II

In the six years of World War II, more than a million young Canadians and Newfoundlanders served in the armed forces. Over 45,000 died and another 55,000 were wounded. These history resources provide information on the battles, the people, the hardships and suffering and the achievements of Canadians in those long years of the Second World War.
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Canadian World War II Posters Gallery
Pictures of Canadian war posters from World War II.

Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King
Profile of Prime Minister Mackenzie King who led Canada through World War II.

British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP)
Franklin Roosevelt called Canada "the aerodrome of democracy' for its management of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in World War II.

C.D. Howe - "Minister of Everything"
A cabinet minister in the King and St. Laurent governments, C.D. Howe was known for getting things done. He geared Canada up for World War II and then led it back to a consumer economy.

Elsie MacGill - Queen of the Hurricanes
Biography of Canadian aircraft designer Elsie MacGill who oversaw the design and production of Hawker Hurricanes in Canada during World War II.

Halifax VE-Day Riots 1945
The port city of Halifax, Nova Scotia erupted into riots when crowds had no way to celebrate VE-Day.

World War II Victory Nickel Re-issued
The Royal Canadian Mint Re-issues the World War II Victory Nickel to Commemorate VE-Day.

National Gallery Checks for Nazi Plunder
The National Gallery of Canada has published a list of art works in their permanent collection with gaps in their provenance for the World War II years.

Remembrance Day in Canada
Resources to remember Canadians who fought and died for Canada in war.

Veterans Week - A Week to Remember
In the week leading up to Remembrance Day, explore diaries, letters and recordings from the men and women who fought for Canada in World War II.

Canada in World War II
The role of Canadians in World War II - where they fought, where they died, and what they achieved. From Veterans Affairs Canada.

Canadian Newspapers and the Second World War
The Canadian War Museum hosts this searchable archives of newspaper clippings from World War II collected by the Hamilton Spectator.

Canadian War Artists World War II (Archived site)
A selection of the works of 18 Canadian war artists from World War II. From Library and Archives Canada.

Uncommon Courage - Canadian Secret Agents in WWII
The Canadians who served in occupied territory with the British Special Operations Organization and M.I.9 (Military Intelligence). From Veterans Affairs Canada.

Alternative Service in World War II
The story of conscientious objectors in Canada in the Second World War, using primary documents from the Mennonite Heritage Centre in Winnipeg.

Canadian War Medals (1939 to 1954)
Dexcriptions and pictures of Canadian war medals, the reasons they were won, and how they should be mounted and worn. From Veterans Affairs Canada.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Search the database to find the final resting place or memorial for Canadians and Newfoundlanders killed in the First and Second World Wars. From Veterans Affairs Canada.

In Flanders Fields
This poem, written by Canadian surgeon and soldier John McCrae on the battlefield at Ypres during World War I, is a moving symbol of remembrance worldwide.

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