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Canadian Flags

Find out about the history of the Canadian flag and provincial flags in Canada, as well as the etiquette and rules for flying the flag.

The National Flag of Canada
For years efforts to design a national Canadian flag met with controversy and failure. Prime Minister Lester Pearson gave a committee just six weeks to do the job.

Canadian Flag Debate - Video Clip
This Heritage Minute video shows the challenges faced by the House of Commons committee responsible for deciding on a design for a flag for Canada.

Flag Controversy - Video Clip
CBC Archives video clip looks at the controversy stirred up by choosing a new flag for Canada.

Canadian Flag Etiquette
History and all the rules for flying the Canadian flag. From the Canadian federal government Heritage Department.

The Flags of Canada
Alister B. Fraser traces the history of flags in Canada, including the National Flag of Canada, provincial flags, flags of national defence and ceremonial flags.

Inauguration of The National Flag
Speech given by Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson at the inauguration of The National Flag of Canada on February 15, 1965. From First Among Equals.

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