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Canadian Law Resources - General

Use these Canadian law resources to find general information on all aspects of the law in Canada, including family law, child custody and support, and lawyers.

New Impaired Driving Laws Come Into Force in Canada
New laws making it easier for police to investigate impaired driving and for prosecutors to prosecute impaired drivers take effect in Canada in July 2008.

Canadian Legal Information Online
Finding Canadian law, lawyers and law firms online.

Age of Consent in Canada
The legal age at which a young person in Canada can consent to sexual activity.

Age of Majority in Canada
The age at which a person is considered by law to be an adult in each of the provinces and territories of Canada.

Legal Drinking Age in Canada
The minimum age at which a person is allowed to buy and drink alcohol in each of the provinces and territories of Canada.

Legal Smoking Age in Canada
The legal minimum age at which a person is allowed to buy tobacco products as determined by individual provinces and territories in Canada.

Divorce and Children in Canada
A Canadian family justice strategy puts the focus on children in divorce and separation.

Access to Justice Network
A well-organized and comprehensive index of Canadian justice and legal information.

Duhaime Law
Useful introductory information on many aspects of Canadian law, written in plain language.

Dispute Resolution
Information on ways to resolve disputes without going to court. From the Department of Justice Canada.

LEXPERT.ca - Legal Experts in Canada
News and information about the business of law in Canada. Includes a directory of the leading professional law firms and lawyers in more than 50 areas of law practice in Canada.

Child Support in Canada
Canadian federal government child support guidelines, related legislation and publications. From the Department of Justice Canada.

Divorce Law Questions and Answers
The basics about getting a divorce in Canada - from separation to child support, spousal support, and the sharing of property and debt. From the Department of Justice Canada.

Joel Miller's Family Law Centre
Information on divorce and family law in Canada.

Youth Criminal Justice Act
Backgrounder on the act which replaced the unpopular Young Offenders Act in April 2003. The emphasis in this act is on rehabilitation rather than courts and jail sentences.

Canadian HIV and AIDS Legal Network
A national charitable organization working on the legal issues relating to HIV and AIDS. Hundreds of articles and reports, news, a newsletter, and membership info.

Copyright Law in Canada
Frequently asked questions on copyright law in Canada. From the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Law School Admission Council
The people who administer the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The site includes an online registration form.

Law Schools in Canada
Links to law schools in Canada and general information on getting a legal education in Canada. From canadian-universities.net.

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