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Career Choices in Canada

Use the Web to Research a New Career in Canada


Do you ever wonder about what kind of careers are available in the space industry in Canada? Or what the options are for a career in meteorology? Are you curious about how you'd get into the Canadian Armed Forces? How about the requirements for becoming a Mountie? Whether you've just started to think about working, or are due for a career change, the Web's a great place to find information on some of those Canadian careers guidance offices never mention!


As you consider the career choices open to you in Canada, you'll need a good handle on your own personality, aptitude and skills. Service Canada has a good selection of Assessment Quizzes that can help give you an idea of the way you prefer to work. The Canadian federal government Essential Skills site explains the nine essential skills identified for identified for work, learning and life and TOWES, the Test of Workplace Essential Skills, offers tools to test essential skills. Dawn Rosenberg McKay, About.com Career Planning, has more information on career self-assessment, including links to other free online tools.

Education and Training

If you're unsure about education and training options, spend some time with CanLearn's section on Choosing a Program and School. It has details on thousands of programs at Canadian colleges, CEGEPs and universities. Also, the federal government has indexed a number of education and training programs available in Canada by target group - from youth and students, to those for people with disabilities, families and more.

Professional and Trade Associations

Governments in Canada and professional and trade associations are excellent sources of information on specific careers. For example, the federal government and the Agriculture and Food Council of Alberta have put together Soil to Sky, a useful site on Canadian careers in agriculture and food, especially in Alberta. If you're interested in a career in finance, the Canadian Securities Institute offers insight into a variety of opportunities and career paths in finance in Canada. A Certified General Accountant is another career choice in finance in Canada.

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