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Canadian Christmas Music CDs


The holidays just wouldn't be the same without Canadian Christmas music. Here's a selection of CDs from Canadian music artists celebrating the joy and traditions of the holiday season.

1. Wintersong

The beautiful voice of Sarah McLachlan gives a mixture of warmth and melancholy to traditional and modern classic Christmas songs. With new twists on some old favorites, Sarah Mclachlan puts her own signature style on this nostalgic Christmas album.
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2. Christmas Songs

Canadian jazz pianist and vocalist Diana Krall delivers an elegant album of holiday favorites, with some personal touches. Her beautiful and playful versions of Christmas classics, backed by the Clayton/Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, will leave a warm glow on a cold night.
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3. McGarrigle Christmas Hour

Kate and Anna McGarrigle are joined by Emmylou Harris and Rufus and Martha Wainwright on this Christmas music collection. The McGarrigle sisters have both English and French Canadian folk roots, and provide a mix of old and new folk music with something for everyone.
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4. What a Wonderful Christmas (2 CDs)

Canadian Maritimer Anne Murray sings 28 Christmas classics with full orchestra accompaniment. The warm delivery, familiar songs and familiar voice will make you feel like you're home for the holidays, even if you're not.
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5. Oscar Peterson Christmas

Oscar Peterson and his six-piece ensemble provide a smooth jazz rendition of Christmas classics, with a style ranging from delicate to dynamic. The mix of piano, guitar, bass and drums is a delight in this 1995 album.
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6. These Are Special Times

Celine Dion's magnificent voice soars through traditional Christmas music. This CD includes contemporary songs like John Lennon's "Happy Xmas" and duets with Andrea Bocelli and R. Kelly.
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