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Christmas Lesson Plans K-8

Christmas lesson plans and activities to help celebrate Christmas in Canada and to teach Canadian elementary school students about the meaning of Christmas.
  1. Christmas Worksheets K-8 (12)
  2. Christmas Stories Online

Write to Santa
Children from around the world can write to Santa and get a reply, thanks to Canada Post volunteers.

Christmas Science Projects
Fun and educational science projects to make for the holidays. From Anne Marie Helmenstine, About.com Chemistry.

Christmas Tree Lesson Plans
These six lesson plans on Christmas trees include the history of Christmas trees, identifying Christmas trees and Christmas tree farming. From Ontario Farm Grown Christmas trees.

Partner Christmas Story
In this Christmas lesson plan students are divided into pairs to write a story about Christmas. From Hot Chalk's Lesson Plans Page.

Christmas Journal Writing Ideas
Four ideas to stimulate elementary school students to write about Christmas. From Hot Chalk's Lesson Plans Page.

Merry Christmas Writing Centre
A Christmas writing centre helps elementary school students develop vocabulary and writing skills. From Teachers.Net.

Re-name That Tune
This Christmas activity uses Christmas song titles to help elementary school students build vocabulary. From Education World.

Twelve Days of Math
Use the Twelve Days of Christmas song to teach ordinal numbers and review math lessons learned up to this point in the school year.

Math Problem - Christmas Shopping
Counting, addition and multiplication strategies can be taught with this math problem from the NRICH Project.

Crystals, Christmas and Science
In this Christmas lesson plan, elementary school students learn how crystals are formed by making Christmas ornaments in the shape of snowflakes.

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