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Fathers of Confederation - Canada

Men Who Negotiated Canadian Confederation


Fathers of Confederation

Fathers of Confederation

Library and Archives Canada / C-001855

Canadian Fathers of Conferation are usually considered to be the 36 men representing the British colonies in North Ameria who attended at least one of the three major conferences on Canadian confederation - the Charlottetown Conference in 1864, the Quebec Conference in 1864 and the London Conference in 1866-67.

The British colonies represented were:

  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland
  • Province of Canada (later Ontario and Quebec)

Fathers of Confederation

  • Adams Archibald (Nova Scotia)
  • George Brown (Canada)
  • Alexander Campbell (Canada)
  • F B T Carter (Newfoundland)
  • George-Etienne Cartier (Canada)
  • Edward Barron Chandler (New Brunswick)
  • J C Chapais (Canada)
  • James Cockburn (Canada)
  • George Coles (PEI)
  • Robert Dickey (Nova Scotia)
  • Charles Fisher (New Brunswick)
  • Alexander Galt (Canada)
  • John Hamilton Gray (New Brunswick)
  • John Hamilton Gray (PEI)
  • T H Haviland (PEI)
  • William Henry (Nova Scotia)
  • W P Howland (Canada)
  • John Johnson (New Brunswick)
  • Hector Langevin (Canada)
  • A A Macdonald (PEI)
  • John A Macdonald (Canada)
  • Jonathan McCully (Nova Scotia)
  • William McDougall (Canada)
  • Thomas D'Arcy McGee (Canada)
  • Peter Mitchell (New Brunswick)
  • Oliver Mowat (Canada)
  • Edward Palmer (PEI)
  • W H Pope (PEI)
  • John William Ritchie (Nova Scotia)
  • Ambrose Shea (Newfoundland)
  • William H Steeves (New Brunswick)
  • Sir Étienne-Pascal Taché (Canada)
  • Samuel Tilley (New Brunswick)
  • Charles Tupper (Nova Scotia)
  • Edward Whelan (PEI)
  • R D Wilmot (New Brunswick)

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