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Crime in Canada

Learn about crime and the law in Canada - from crime statistics to capital punishment.
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Conservative Omnibus Crime Bill
The Conservative government pushes through a massive piece of legislation covering drug possession, young offenders, pardons, minimum sentences, human smuggling, sexual exploitation, support for victims of terrorism.

Canadian Crime Statistics
Statistics Canada reports annually on crime and homicide statistics in Canada. Here are some highlights.

2010 Canadian Homicide Rate Goes Down
Statistics Canada reports that in 2010 the Canadian homicide rate went down, especially in the west.

Anti-Gang Legislation
In 2009, the Canadian federal government passed legislation to fight violence associated with street gangs and other organized crime groups.

Tackling Violent Crime Act
Summary of the Tackling Violent Crime Act, omnibus legislation which gathered the main elements of five bills from the previous session of parliament.

New Impaired Driving Laws Come Into Force in Canada
New laws making it easier for police to investigate impaired driving and for prosecutors to prosecute impaired drivers take effect in Canada in July 2008.

Conditional Sentencing Reform Act
The Conditional Sentencing Reform Act amends the Canadian Criminal Code to end the use of conditional sentences - including house arrest - for serious offences.

DNA Data Bank in Canada
The RCMP national DNA Data Bank stores DNA profiles in two indexes - one for convicted offenders, and one for unsolved crime scenes.

Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Gun Crimes Bill
This bill to toughen sentences on gun crimes in Canada was included as part of the Tackling Violent Crime Act passed in 2008.

History of Capital Punishment in Canada
Timeline showing the history of the death penalty in Canada and the gradual abolition of capital punishment.

Abolition of Capital Punishment in Canada
The Canadian murder rate stays low without capital punishment.

Certified Criminal Record Check
Simple step-by-step instructions on how to get a Certified Criminal Record Check.

RECOL - Report a Fraud Online
RECOL is a Web-based centre which gives Canadians a simple way to report fraud online.

Wanted by the RCMP
Dangerous criminals wanted by the RCMP for crimes in Canada. Report any information to the RCMP or police services in your area.

Canadian Crime Statistics
Canadian statistics on crimes, victims, suspects and criminals as well as the police and courts. From Statistics Canada.

Youth Criminal Justice
Information about the youth justice system in Canada. From the Canadian Department of Justice.

Legislation to Eliminate Pardons for Serious Crimes
The Canadian federal government introduces legislation to eliminate pardons for serious crimes.

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