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Canadian Currency

Learn about Canadian currency - foreign exchange rates, bank notes, coins and counterfeits.

New Canadian Plastic $20 Bills Introduced in 2012
The new Canadian Polymer $20 bill features the Canadian National Vimy Memorial in France.

Good-Bye to the Canadian Penny
Canada expects to save $11 million a year by stopping the production of the penny coin.

New Canadian $100 Bill Introduced in 2011
The first in the Polymer series of plastic bank notes in Canada is the $100 bill, which went into circulation in November 2011.

Canada Introducing Plastic Bank Notes
The first in a new series of plastic bank notes will go into circulation in Canada in November 2011.

RCMP Alert on Canadian Counterfeit Bills
The RCMP warns about counterfeit bank notes currently circulating and how to recognize them.

$5 Bill Upgrade - Canadian Journey Series
In 2006 the Canadian $5 bill in the Canadian Journey series had new security features added to make it harder to counterfeit.

World War II Victory Nickel Re-issued
The Royal Canadian Mint Re-issues the World War II Victory Nickel to Commemorate VE-Day.

Terry Fox Coin
A new one-dollar Canadian coin commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope.

$20 Bill - Canadian Journey Series
The $20 bill introduced in 2004 highlights the works of Haida sculptor Bill Reid.

$100 Bill - Canadian Journey Series
Introduced in 2004, the $100 bill in the Canadian Journey series has high-tech security features and a design on the theme of exploration and innovation.

Canadian Dollar Exchange Rates
Convert specific amounts to and from Canadian dollars. From the Bank of Canada.

Canadian Bank Notes Series
Descriptions and photos of Canadian bank notes series since 1935, and commemorative notes also. From the Bank of Canada.

Canadian Bank Note Counterfeit Detection
How to tell if a Canadian bill is counterfeit, and what to do if it is. From the Bank of Canada.

Royal Canadian Mint
Learn about the history of Canada coins, collector coins and special edition coins. Coins can be purchased online.

Canadian Coins in Circulation
Find out about the design, technical specifications and mintages through history of Caandian circulation coins. From the Royal Canadian Mint.

Currency Museum
This Bank of Canada museum in Ottawa explores the evolution of money around the world.

History of the Canadian Dollar
A look at the evolution of the Canadian dollar, from colonial times right through the 1990s. From the Bank of Canada.

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