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New Canadian $100 Bill Introduced in 2011

The $100 Bill is the First Plastic Bank Note for Canada


Updated: 11/20/11

Introducing the New Canadian $100 Bill

A new Canadian $100 bill began circulating on November 14, 2011. The $100 bill is the first in the Polymer series of Canadian bank notes which will be printed on a plastic material. The plastic bank notes will be more secure, longer lasting and cheaper to produce than the Canadian Journey series which is printed on cotton paper. The new bills are lighter and smoother than the ones we're used to, and they even feel a bit slippery. The new $100 bills are still the same size and colour as the old ones, and still feature Sir Robert Borden. There are many other features that have changed however.

Anti-Counterfeiting Features of $100 Polymer Bill

Like the other bills in the Polymer series, the $100 bills have new security features to protect them from counterfeiting and make it easier to check if they are real. Those features include:

  • raised ink

  • two transparent areas. One runs from top to bottom on the front of the bill and contains a metallic portrait and building, small numbers, and transparent text. The second is a frosted maple leaf window with a transparent outline.

  • on the reverse side of the note, the features in the large window are repeated.

  • hidden numbers also allow users to verify a note.

New $100 Bill Design Features Innovation in Medicine

The front of the Polymer $100 bill has an updated picture of Sir Robert Borden, Canada's Prime Minister through World War I. The reverse side of the new $100 bill pays tribute to Canadian innovations in medicine: the discovery of insulin, the invention of the pacemaker, and mapping the human genetic code.

Bank of Canada and the New $100 Bill

The Bank of Canada is Canada's central bank. As well as being responsible for Canadian monetary policy, for promoting sound financial systems in Canada and abroad, and providing funds-management and central banking services for the federal government, the Bank of Canada also designs and issues Canadian bank notes.

The Bank of Canada is spending about six months making sure that retailers, banks, police and the public are fully aware of how to check the new bills to make sure they are authentic.

To see the features of the new $100 bill, watch the video from the Bank of Canada.

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