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Drivers Licences in Canada

Drivers licences are issued by the provincial governments in Canada. Here's where to find information on getting a new drivers licence and graduated licensing programs, as well as renewing your licence and exchanging your licence if you're from outside the province.
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International Driving Permit for Canadians
Canadians travelling abroad can get an International Driving Permit (IDP) to supplement their Canadian driver's licence.

Canadian Tire Launches Driving School
Canadian Tire is getting into the drivers education business, and they'll be teaching road safety and basic auto maintenance as well as how to pass your driving test.

Alberta Drivers Licences
Qualifications for different classes of drivers licences in Alberta and driver testing.

British Columbia Drivers Licences
Online practice test, finding a driving course, finding a licensing office, and booking a road test for a British Columbia drivers licence.

Manitoba Drivers Licences
What you need to know about getting a driving licence in Manitoba.

New Brunswick Drivers Licences
Learn about the different classes of drivers licences in New Brunswick, fees and Driver Examiner Services, and access the Drivers Handbook online.

Newfoundland Drivers Licences
The application process for a Newfoundland driving licence, including the Road Users Manual in PDF.

Northwest Territories Drivers Licences
Get information on the Northwest Territories Drivers Licence and General Identification Card and how to get a drivers licence.

Nova Scotia Drivers Licences
Detailed information on all types of drivers licences in Nova Scotia, including the graduated licensing system.

Nunavut Drivers Licences
Fees, issuing agents and application form for drivers licences in Nunavut.

Ontario Drivers Licences
How to get a drivers licence in Ontario, with information on graduated drivers licensing and exchanging a licence from out of the province.

Ontario Senior Drivers Renewal Program
Ontario drivers aged 80 and over must complete a vision test and knowledge test and take part in a group education session every two years. Some senior drivers are also required to take a road test.

PEI Drivers Handbook
Information on applying for a drivers licence in PEI, the graduated drivers licence program, drivers tests and rules of the road.

Quebec Drivers Licences
Plenty of useful information on getting a drivers licence in Quebec and the rules of the road in Quebec.

Saskatchewan Drivers Licences
Basic information about getting a drivers licence in Saskatchewan. You can also test your knowledge of rules of the road in Saskatchewan with the interactive driver education quiz.

Yukon Drivers Licences
Gett he details on the Yukon drivers licence and renewal process.

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