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Employment Insurance in Canada

If you lose your job in Canada, you're probably eligible for Employment Insurance. Here's information on the requirements, benefits, rules, and how to apply.

Employment Insurance Changes in 2012
The government has outlined changes it plans to make to the Employment Insurance program to target inefficiencies and match unemployed Canadians with available jobs.

Canadian Employment Insurance Benefits
If you have paid Canadian Employment Insurance premiums and lose your job in Canada, you can apply for Employment Insurance benefits.

Canadian Employment Insurance Applications
Applications for Canadian Employment Insurance benefits - how, where and when to apply.

Online Application for Canadian Employment Insurance
How to submit an online application for Canadian Employment Insurance benefits.

Employment Insurance Rules and Reports
The rules when you're receiving Canadian Employment Insurance benefits and how to file claimants reports.

Compassionate Care Benefits
These Canadian Employment Insurance benefits allow eligible workers to take time off to care for dying relatives.

Act to Extend Employment Insurance Benefits to the Self-Employed
The federal government has passed legislation that lets self-employed Canadian residents opt into the Employment Insurance Program to receive special benefits already available to salaried employees.

T4E Tax Slips for Canadian Income Taxes
Explanation of T4E tax slips for Employment Insurance benefits issued to taxpayers to use when completing their Canadian income tax returns.

2009 Changes to the Canadian Employment Insurance Program
With rising unemployment and increased employment insurance claims in 2009, the federal government has made some changes to the Canadian employment insurance (EI) program.

My Service Canada Account
With this Service Canada tool, you can view and access personal information on the details of your EI claim and also print related T4E slips.

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