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Canadian Elections

Research election results, MPs and MLAs, ridings and electoral districts, eligibility to vote and voters lists for Canadian federal elections and provincial elections in Canada.
  1. Federal Elections (99)
  2. Provincial Elections (299)

Canadian Election Firsts
In every election campaign, politicians are eager to claim historic firsts. Here are some factual milestones in the history of Canadian federal elections.

Ridings and Electoral Districts in Canada
Federal election ridings and provincial and territory electoral districts in Canada.

Who Can Vote in Canadian Elections
Who is eligible to vote in federal, provincial and territory elections in Canada.

Canadian Elections Voters Lists
Canadian federal and provincial elections voters lists and permanent registers of electors in Canada.

Canadian Elections Results
Results of last Canadian federal and provincial elections in Canada.

Canadian Political Parties
Index to the major federal and provincial political parties in Canada.

Canadian Political Party Leaders
Index to the leaders of major federal and provincial political parties in Canada.

Prime Ministers of Canada Since 1867
Biographies and major accomplishments of the prime ministers of Canada since Canadian Confederation in 1867.

Canadian Provincial Premiers
The Premier has the most powerful political role in a Canadian province or territory. Here is a listing of Premiers of Canada since Canadian Confederation, by province and territory.

Members of Canadian Legislatures
Canadian members of parliament and members of provincial and territory legislative assemblies in Canada.

Canadian Elections Glossary
Definitions of Canadian government terms relating to elections in Canada.

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