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Canadian Exploration and Explorers

Learn about the exploration and explorers of Canada with these resources on the search for the new world, the settlement of Canada, the search for the Northwest Passage and the exploration of the Canadian Arctic.
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Jacques Cartier
French navigator Jacques Cartier explored what is now eastern Canada and gets the credit for giving Canada its name.

Pathfinders and Passageways
From the first European settlement to exploration of the Canadian Arctic. This resource includes information on significant explorers of Canada and a bibliography. From Library and Archives Canada.

Newfoundland and Labrador Exploration and Settlement
This history resource covers early geographical knowledge and navigation methods in the times of John Cabot through to l9th century explorers. From Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage.

Empire of the Bay
This PBS broadcast tells the story of the explorers and merchants of the Hudson's Bay Company. It includes a full transcript, as well as maps of explorations and profiles of the explorers.

William Hind's Overlanders of '62 Sketchbook
Artist William Hind documented his travels with the Overlanders, gold seekers who crossed the Canadian Prairies in search of the Fraser and Cariboo gold fields in 1862. From Library and Archives Canada.

The Search for a Northwest Passage
For centuries explorers braved the Arctic in search of a navigable water route connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. Story and pictures from The British Library.

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