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Federal Cabinet in Canada

Find out about the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers who form the executive branch of the Canadian federal government.
  1. Prime Minister of Canada

The Prime Minister of Canada
The Prime Minister of Canada decides on the size and membership of the federal cabinet, chairs cabinet meetings and controls the agenda.

Canadian Cabinet Glossary
Canadian government terms relating to cabinet in Canada.

Order in Council in Canada
Learn what these documents are, how they are issued and what they are used for in Canada.

Federal Cabinet Ministers
Biographies of current federal cabinet ministers, appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Accountable Government Guide for Ministers
2011 document outlining the duties and responsibilities of Cabinet ministers in relation to the key principles of responsible government in Canada. (In PDF).

Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment Code (in PDF)
February 2006 guidelines set by Prime Minister Stephen Harper for public office holders. (In PDF.)

Guidelines for Ministers Staff
2011 Treasury Board guidelines for staff working in the offices of cabinet ministers.

Privy Council Office - PCO
The PCO is the central government agency which provides non-partisan support to the Prime Minister and cabinet.

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