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Federal Energy Organizations in Canada

These federal government departments, agencies and Crown corporations dealing with energy in Canada are great sources of information on all facets of the energy industry in Canada.

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL)
Develops, sells and builds the CANDU nuclear reactor.

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Was the Atomic Energy Control Board (AECB). Agency responsible for regulating the Canadian nuclear industry.

Works with private and public sector partners to develop clean, energy-efficient technologies for buildings, industry, transportation and power production.

Energy Sector - Natural Resources Canada
Develops policies on energy efficiency, renewable and alternative energy, oil and gas, coal and nuclear energy in Canada.

National Energy Board (NEB)
National regulatory agency for the energy industry. Regulates pipelines, power lines, exports of oil and electricity, exports and imports of natural gas, and oil and gas exploration in frontier areas.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
NSERC provides grants and funding for students and researchers in natural sciences and engineering in Canada.

Office of Energy Efficiency - Natural Resources Canada
Saving energy and money for consumers, and energy conservation programs and regulations for Canadian industry and government.

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