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Food and Nutrition in Canada

Protect yourself and your family with Canadian consumer information on food safety and nutrition - food warnings and alerts, allergy alerts, and safe shopping, preparation and storage of food.

Listeria Investigation
The prime minister announces the terms of reference of an independent investigation into the outbreak of listeria from meat products which killed more than a dozen Canadians in 2008.

Deadly Listeria Outbreak in Canada
A national and deadly outbreak of listeriosis has been linked to recalls of meat products from a Maple Leaf Foods plant in Toronto, and the numbers are likely to grow.

Risks, symptoms and precautions for Listeriosis.

New Labelling Requirements for Food Allergies
In an effort to better protect Canadians with food allergies, Health Canada has introduced new labelling requirements for prepackaged foods.

MSG - Pros and Cons
The debate over Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). From Rhonda Parkinson, About.com Chinese Cuisine.

Bottled Water FAQs
Answers to dozens of questions about bottled water in Canada and its safety. From Health Canada.

Canada's Food Guide
The official guide to healthy eating, from Health Canada.

Cookware Safety in Canada
A review of different types of cookware used in Canada, safety practices and any potential risks. From Health Canada.

Food Labelling and Advertising in Canada
A comprehensive guide from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Includes nutrient and health-related claims.

Food Recalls and Allergy Alerts
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency posts announcements here.

Food Safety
Dozens of fact sheets on food safety, from storing leftovers to using microwave ovens properly. From the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Genetically Modified Food Issues
Does genetic modification improve the quality and nutritional value of food, or does it compromise safety? A look at the issues, from CBC Newsworld Online.

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