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Canadian Government Basics

Start here for an introduction to Canadian government. These resources help explain Canadian government basics - how governments in Canada are organized, how elections work, the people who work in government and what they do. A glossary of government terms is provided too.
  1. Government Organization (24)
  2. People in Government (39)
  3. Government Contacts (21)
  4. Government Ethics (21)
  5. Government Purchasing (19)
  6. Government Spending (27)
  7. Government Lessons K-8

Role of the Prime Minister of Canada
Learn about the responsibilities and duties of the Prime Minister of Canada, who has the most powerful role in Canadian politics.

Role of Provincial Premiers in Canada
The premiers of Canadian provinces and territories are the heads of government in their jusisdictions, and their responsibilities and duties reflect that leadership role.

Canadian Government Glossary
Explore this ever-growing glossary of definitions and information on terms used by Canadian governments.

Canadian Embassies
Canadian embassies and consulates around the world, with related travel, immigration and trade information.

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