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Canadian Government Basics


This is an introduction to government in Canada. Key resources help explain the fundamentals of Canadian government - how it is organized, how Canadian elections work, and who does what in government. You'll also find glossaries to define the terms and phrases used by government in Canada.
  1. The Federal Government of Canada
  2. People in Canadian Government
  3. Federal Elections in Canada
  4. Provincial Elections in Canada
  5. Canadian Government Glossaries

The Federal Government of Canada

Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa

The federal government is the national government of Canada. It includes the Prime Minister of Canada and cabinet, the Parliament of Canada, the federal courts and various departments and agencies which administer the day-to-day business of government.

People in Canadian Government

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Canadian men and women who serve in government can have a profound influence on our nation. Profiles of prime ministers and premiers, activists and astronauts are just a few of the biographies of Canadians in government that you'll find here.

Federal Elections in Canada

Federal Elections in Canada

Explore the basics on Canadian federal elections, from how federal elections work to legislation to reform the electoral process. You'll also find the voting information you need when you go to cast your ballot.

Provincial Elections in Canada

Provincial Elections in Canada

Here's voting information for provincial elections in each of the provinces and territories of Canada.

Canadian Government Glossaries

Look Up Canadian Government Glossary Terms

Use these glossaries to find definitions and information on terms used by the Canadian federal government and provincial and territory governments in Canada. The full glossary provides an index to all Canadian government terms defined on the Canada Online site. The other glossaries provide an index to Canadian government terms on specific topics.

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