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Federal Government Organization

Use these resources to get an overview of how the federal government of Canada is organized, its major intstitutions and what they do.
  1. Who's Who in Fed Govt
  2. Who Does What - Fed Govt
  3. Monarchy (29)
  4. Governor General (13)
  5. Parliament (153)
  6. Prime Minister of Canada (37)
  7. Federal Cabinet (9)
  8. Federal Courts (13)
  9. Military and Defence (18)
  10. Official Residences (6)

Parliament of Canada - An Introduction
Parliament in Canada, the legislative branch of the Canadian federal government, has three parts: the Crown or Queen, represented by the Governor General of Canada, the House of Commons and the Senate.

Federal Government Departments
Departments, agencies, and Crown corporations of the federal government of Canada. Alphabetical list.

Federal Crown Corporations in Canada
Index of parent federal Crown corporations in Canada.

Public Office Holders (Federal)
Public office holders - definition of federal public office holders in Canada.

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