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Canadian Government Services

The Canadian federal government and provincial governments provide many services we use in our daily lives. Use these resources to get the most out of those Canadian government services.
  1. Bilingualism (14)
  2. Canadian Citizenship (18)
  3. Customs and Border Services (33)
  4. Employment Services
  5. Health Care Insurance
  6. ID Cards and Documents (55)
  7. Immigration to Canada (31)
  8. Pensions (30)
  9. Postal Services in Canada (25)
  10. Travel

Postal Codes for Canada
Look up postal codes in Canada, as well as U.S. zip codes and U.K. postcodes.

Canadian Passports
If you're planning to travel outside Canada, be sure you have an up-to-date passport. It's best to apply during the off-season between June and November.

Canadian Employment Insurance Benefits
If you have paid Canadian Employment Insurance premiums and lose your job in Canada, you can apply for Employment Insurance benefits.

Check Your Immigration Status Online
Most potential immigrants to Canada can check the status of their immigration applications online.

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