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Governments in Canada provide a mass of useful services and information resources to help Canadians in their daily lives. Because there are so many, it's not always easy to find the right government department or service to answer your specific needs. These resources are designed to help you find your way through the government maze and give you the information you need to know about Canadian government services.
  1. Canadian Travel Services
  2. Canada Customs at the Border
  3. Canadian Immigration and Citizenship
  4. Canadian Postal Services
  1. Canadian Employment Services
  2. Canadian Income Taxes
  3. Government Health Care Services
  4. Consumer Information and Protection

Canadian Travel Services

Canadian Passport

Whether you're a Canadian travelling abroad or a visitor to Canada, the Canadian government has a variety of services and regulations to help ensure the safety of Canadians and to showcase the best that Canada has to offer.

Canada Customs at the Border

Canada Customs at the Border

The Canada Border Services Agency provides services at more than 100 land border crossings, nine international airports, three major marine operations, and three mail centres to ensure the safety of goods crossing the Canadian border. Here are some of the rules and regulations they administer.

Canadian Immigration and Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship Ceremony

Citizenship and Immigration Canada regulates the movement of people across the Canadian border, including visitors, international students, those planning to work temporarily in Canada, and people planning to move to Canada and become Canadian citizens. The rules can be complicated, so it's best to plan well in advance.

Canadian Postal Services

Canadian Postal Services

Most postal services in Canada are provided by Canada Post, a Crown corporation of the Canadian federal government. Canada Post has more than 20,000 delivery routes in Canada and every year carries approximately 30 million kilograms (66 million pounds) of mail to destinations in Canada.

Canadian Employment Services

Canadian Employment Services

Canadian governments provide jobs, information to help you find and keep a job, programs to help you when you lose your job, and pensions for when you retire. They also set employment standards for working conditions like pay, working hours and holidays.

Canadian Income Taxes

Doing Canadian Income Taxes

Millions of Canadians file their income tax returns by the April 30 deadline each year. These services from the Canada Revenue Agency and information resources will help make that task a little easier.

Government Health Care Services

Health Care in Canada

Canada has a national health insurance program which is delivered through thirteen provincial and territory health care insurance plans. The cost is paid through general taxes, and sometimes through health premiums. Although insured health care services vary slightly from province to province, the fundamentals are the same across the country - universal, comprehensive coverage for medically necessary hospital and physician services are provided on the basis of need.

Consumer Information and Protection

Consumer Protection in Canada

Both the federal and provincial governments in Canada have departments and organizations whose main purpose is to protect the consumer. Some departments make regulations for public safety, others provide warnings and alerts. Many provide useful advice on getting the most for your money, and in some cases they provide advice on how to make complaints or a complaint process.

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