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Government Spending in Canada

Learn how the federal government in Canada budgets, plans and estimates government spending, how it audits and reports on government spending, and the results of its financial management and mismanagement.
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Federal Accountability Act
The Federal Accountability Act was the cornerstone of the Canadian Conservative government's promise to clean up government after the scandals of the previous Liberal government.

Gomery Inquiry
Background, mandate, and reports from the Gomery Inquiry set up to investigate the sponsorship program scandal in Canada.

Justice John Gomery - Commissioner of Sponsorship Program Inquiry
Biography of Justice John Gomery, Commissioner of the Inquiry into the Canadian federal government sponsorship program scandal.

Auditor General of Canada
The role of the Auditor General of Canada.

Sheila Fraser - Auditor General of Canada
Biography, professional and government background of Sheila Fraser, the Auditor General of Canada.

Auditor General Slams Former Privacy Commissioner
The audit of the Privacy Commissioner Office shows abuse of power and raises serious concerns about financial management of the office.

Paul Martin Sets Economic Targets for Canada - 2000
paul martin canadian liberal economic strategy innovation canada

Auditor General Reports
Reports to Parliament from the Auditor General, the watchdog on federal government spending.

Treasury Board of Canada
Treasury Board is the central agency of the federal government responsible for overseeing the financial management of federal government departments and agencies.

Estimates for the Federal Government
A detailed breakdown of government spending for the upcoming fiscal year. The expenditure plan, main estimates and supplementary estimates are available back to 1996-97.

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