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Canadian Federal Government Jobs

The Canadian federal government lists jobs open to the public, and also runs public service recruitment campaigns.

Join the RCMP
Simple step-by-step procedures on how to become a Mountie.

Canadian Forces Recruiting
Whether it's the Army, Navy or Air Force, the Canadian Forces help subsidize education, and they're looking for people in nearly all occupations.

Careers in the Canadian Federal Government
Find out about working for the federal public service in Canada.

Search for Federal Government Jobs
Search for federal government jobs open to the public by job title and work location.

Rates of Pay in the Public Service
Pay scales for federal public service classifications. From the Treasury Board of Canada.

Public Service Benefits
Information on benefits and pensions in the federal public service. rom Treasury Board Canada.

Accelerated Economist Training Program (AETP)
Two-year program for Master's degree candidates provides federal government work experience with an emphasis on policy analysis.

Federal Student Work Experience Program
High school and university students can apply to be part of the Public Service Commission inventory used to staff student jobs with the Canadian federal government.

Interchange Canada
This industry-government exchange program can add perspective to a career. Executive assignments last from three months to three years, and may be international.

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