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Gun Control in Canada

Canada has had some form of gun control since the 1800s, but Liberal government legislation in 1995 called for the registration of all firearms, including shotguns and rifles, not just restricted firearms such as assault rifles and automatic weapons. The skyrocketing costs of the gun control registry and the election of a minority Conservative government in 2006 keep this issue high profile in Canada.

Gun Control in Canada
An overview of the Canadian Firearms Program and the requirements for gun owners in Canada.

Ending the Long-Gun Registry Bill
The Canadian Conservative government brings in another bill to end the long-gun registry, and with their majority government, this time it will pass.

Canadian Gun Registry Stays (2010)
A private member's bill to scrap the long-gun registry in Canada was defeated in the House of Commons by a close vote in September 2010.

Canadian Long-Gun Amnesty Extension
As the Canadian government works to dismantle the long-gun registry it continues the amnesty for registration of long-guns and waivers for licence fees.

Canadian Firearms Program
The details on legally owning, obtaining and using a firearm in Canada.

Canadian Firearms Owners and Users
A guide to key information in the Canadian Firearms Act, especially for Canadians. From the RCMP.

Bringing Guns Into Canada
Visitors to Canada should read this fact sheet carefully before attempting to bring guns into Canada. From the RCMP.

Firearms Forms
Where to get firearms forms, assistance in applying and how to find out the status of your application. From the Canadian Firearms Centre.

Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Gun Crimes Bill
An early piece of Conservative government crime legislation in 2006, this bill to toughen sentences on gun crimes became part of the Tackling Violent Crime Act passed in 2008.

Gun Registry Amnesty for Long-Gun Owners in Canada
The Canadian government starts dismantling the Canadian long-gun registry by introducing an amnesty to protect previously licensed owners of long-guns from prosecution while complying with licencing and registration requirements.

Bill to Abolish Long-Gun Registry (2006, 2007)
In November 2007, the Canadian government re-introduced a bill to end the registry of long guns - hunting rifles and shotguns - in Canada. The bill was first introduced in 2006, but did not get past first reading.

Issue - Gun Registry in Canada
Soaring costs and administrative mismanagement, in concert with strong political, philosophical and emotional differences of opinion on gun control, have combined to make the gun registry a hot issue in Canada for years

Guns and Gun Violence - Federal Election Issue 2006
Where the federal parties stood on the issue of guns and gun control in the 2006 Canadian federal election.

Conservative Gun Control Plan 2004
Take a look back at the Conservative Party policy on gun control for the 2004 Canadian federal election.

Fixing the Canadian Gun Control Program
The Canadian Liberal government plan in 2003 to fix problems with the gun control registry and control program costs and management.

Coalition for Gun Control
Founded after the Montreal Massacre, this group presents the case for gun control, with provincial backgrounders, and information on kids and guns.

Law-Abiding Unregistered Firearms Association (LUFA)
Organization dedicated to fighting the Canadian Firearms Act.

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