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British Columbia Health Care

Check out the British Columbia government Medical Services Plan (MSP) of health insurance, as well as health care policy and health care services for residents of British Columbia, Canada.

BC Program to Help Smokers Quit Begins
The BC government is funding nicotine gum and patches and covering smoking cessation prescription drugs under BC PharmaCare to help smokers quit. Here's how to register for the program.

British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP)
Benefits, eligibility, premiums, CareCards, claims, and contact information for the British Columbia provincial government Medical Services Plan.

British Columbia PharmaCare
The British Columbia provincial government drug insurance program - who qualifies, what is covered, how reimbursements work, and the costs and benefits to British Columbia taxpayers.

British Columbia Health Forms
Some British Coumbia Medical Services Plan (MSP) forms are online in PDF. They can be printed, filled in by hand and then mailed.

Surgery Wait Times in British Columbia
Preliminary data from hospital surgery bookings on median wait list times and number of patients on surgery wait lists by surgical specialty.

British Columbia Ministry of Health
British Columbia provincial government department responsible for health policy and health care services.

Flu in British Columbia
Find out facts and myths about the flu, and information on flu shots.

Home and Community Care Services in BC
Find out about health care and support services for eligible BC residents who need acute, chronic, palliative or rehabilitative health care.

Non-emergency health information on health topics, symtoms and resources.

British Columbia Toll-Free Medical Hotlines
A quick reference list of toll-free phone numbers for British Columbia health information, from the AIDS Hotline to the Poison Control Centre.

West Nile Virus in British Columbia
Information on the West Nile Virus in British Columbia, and what to do about it. From HealthLinkBC.

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