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Wait Times for Health Care in Canada

With long wait times for access to health care procedures a concern in Canada, provincial governments are publishing the data on the wait times for specific medical procedures.

Alberta Wait Times Reporting
Information on wait times for publicly funded surgery, diagnostic tests and services in public facilities in Alberta. Searchable by procedure and service area.

Surgery Wait Times in BC
Includes preliminary data from hospital surgery bookings on median wait list times and number of patients on surgery wait lists by surgical specialty.

Manitoba Health Wait Times Information
Includes wait times for diagnostic services, surgical services and cancer services in Manitoba.

New Brunswick Surgical Wait Times
General information about surgery in New Brunswick as well as a record of wait times for patients who have already received surgery.

Newfoundland and Labrador Wait Times
Regular updates on the health care wait times in Newfoundland and Labrador for five key areas, and an explanation of how wait times are measured.

Nova Scotia Health Care Wait Times
The Nova Scotia government provides information on wait times for certain types of specialists, diagnostic services and treatment services.

Ontario Health Care Wait Times
Check how long people in Ontario are waiting in emergency rooms as well as for surgery and MRI and CT scans.

PEI Health Care Wait Times
Check how long PEI residents wait for specific health care procedures - hip and knee replacements, sight restoration, radiotherapy, as well as MRI and CT scans.

Quebec Access to Specialized Medical Services
Provides information on wait time targets for specialized medical services in Quebec and on how well hospitals are doing at meeting the targets.

Saskatchewan Surgery Wait Times
Data on wait times by type of surgery at Saskatchewan hospitals.

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