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From the initial coming together of four colonies at Canadian Confederation in 1867, the forging of the nation through two World Wars, Canada's gradual move towards independence from Britain and its development as an independent nation, the history of Canada is full of fascinating stories. Begin an exploration of Canada's past through Canadian symbols, historic pictures, and information on pivotal people and events.
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  3. Events in Canadian History
  4. Canada and World War I
  5. Canada and World War II

People in Canadian History

Imaginary Portrait of Jacques Cartier

Canadian history is coloured by the stories of the men and women who contributed to the development of Canada. Find out more about people who helped shape Canada.

Pictures of Canadian History

Unemployed Parade in Toronto in the Great Depression

Get a glimpse of Canadian history through these historic pictures and photos of Canada and Canadians.

Events in Canadian History

Happy Canadians After Battle of Vimy Ridge

Get a feel for Canadian history through these events, both large and small, that affected the development of Canada as a nation.

Canada and World War I

Flanders Poppies

Canada's main contribution to World War I was manpower. More than 620,000 Canadians served in World War I, and 425,000 of those served overseas. More than 60,000 Canadians died and another 172,000 were wounded.

Canada and World War II

Canadians Land on D-Day

Canada underwent an industrial transformation during World War I. The cost was staggering though. About 43,000 Canadians died and another 54,000 were wounded. The financial cost has been estimated at over $20 billion.

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