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History Maps of Canada

Explore the changes in Canada with these Canadian history maps, some dating back to the 1600s.

Historical Atlas of Canada
Interactive maps, graphs and text based on The Historical Atlas of Canada. Uses theme maps to describe the development of Canada.

Territorial Evolution of Canada 1667-1999
These maps cover important points in Canada's history, from the French colonial era in the 1600s to the creation of Nunavut in 1999. From Library and Archives Canada.

Historical Maps of Canada
Walk through maps of Canada and read the history with this overview of Canadian history from 1700 to 1999. Includes fun facts and a quiz. From Canadian Geographic magazine.

W.H. Pugsley Collection
This digital collection contains 50 maps from the W.H. Puglsey Collection of Early Canadian Maps at McGill University.

Quebec History Maps
Maps showing the evolution of Quebec. Includes description of related events. From Quebec History at Marianopolis College.

Copyright in Canada
Answers to basic questions about Canadian copyright law. And yes, government publications are covered by copyright in Canada. From the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

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